Onyxline Alpha 2KVA Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Pure sinewave solar inverter Output power factor : 0.8 24V system Maximum PV array power 3000W MPPT range operation voltage 30-400VDC Maximum charging current 80A



Brand Onyxline
Model name Alpha 2KVA
Model Number Ony-I-A1.6-12
Rated Power 2000VA/1600W
AC Input Voltage 230VAC
Selectble voltage Computers (170-280VAC)/ Appliances (90-280VAC)
Frequency range 50/60Hz (Auto sensing)
AC Output
AC Voltage regulation 230VAC +/ -5%
Surge power 4000VA
Effeciency Peak 98%
Transfer time 10ms
Battery & AC charger
Battery voltage 12VDC
floating charge 13.5VDC
Overcharge protection 16VDC
Maximum Ac charge current 60A
Solar charger
Maximum Pv Array power 2000W
MPPT range operation voltage 30-400VDC
Max PV array open cercuit 400VDC
Maximum charging current 80A


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