Onyxline Beta 4.2KW Off-Grid Solar Inverter

Pure sinewave inverter Output power factor:1 Battery independent design RGB lighting for different operation modes OFF/ON Grid Operation types Built-in 120/140Ah solar charger



Model name Beta 4.2KW Beta 6.2KW
Model number ONY-4.2-24 ONY-6.2-48
Max PV input Power 6200 6500
Rated output power 4200 6200
Maximum solar charger power 140A 120A
  Grid Tie operation /PV input (DC) Grid Tie operation /PV input (DC)
Nominal DC voltage/Max DC voltage 360VDC/500VDC 360VDC/500VDC
Start up Voltage / Initial feeding voltage 90VDC/120VDC 90VDC/120VDC
MPPT voltage range 90-450VDC 90-450VDC
Number of MPPT trackers / Max input current 1/27A 1/27A
Grid output (AC)    
Nominal output voltage 220/230/240VAC 220/230/240VAC
output voltage range 195-235VAC 195-235VAC
Nominal output current 18.2A 27A
Power factor 0.>99 > 0.99
Feed-in Grid frequency range 49Hz to 51Hz 49Hz to 51Hz
Efficiency 97% 97%
  Off-Grid operation / AC input Off-Grid operation / AC input
AC startup voltage / Auto restarting voltage 120-140V 180V
Acceptable input voltage range 90-280VAC/ 170-280VAC 90-280VAC/ 170-280VAC
Maximum AC input Current 30A 40A
Nominal operating frequency 50/60Hz 50/60Hz
Surge power 8400VA 12400VA
  Off-Grid operation / PV input(DC) Off-Grid operation / PV input(DC)
Maximum DC voltage 500VDC 500VDC
MPPT voltage range 90-450VDC 90-450VDC
Number of MPPT trackers / Max input current (1/27) (1/27)
  Battery mode output AC  
Nominal output voltage 24V 48V
Output wave form Pure Sinewave Pure Sinewave
Efficiency (DC to AC) 94% 94%
Battery & charger    
Nominal DC voltage 24V 24V
Maximum solar charger current 140A 120A
Maximum AC charging current 100A 100A
  Physical features  
Dimensions (D*Y*H) 420* 310 * 110 420* 310 * 110
Net Weight (KGs) 9.5 10.5
Interface Serial connection serial connection
Communications RS- 232 RS- 232
Humidity 0-90% 0-90%
Operating temperature (-10 to 50) (-10 to 50)


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