Powerful Crown Micro CMU-1200va UPS

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Crown Micro CMU-1200va UPS

  • Capacity: 1200va/720W;
  • Metal case;
  • AC Voltage regulation;
  • Short circuit protection;
  • Overload protection;
  • Battery overcharge protection;
  • Surge protection;
  • Overdischarge protection;
  • Configuration: 12 V / 7.0 Ah × 2.
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Powerful Crown Micro CMU-1200va UPS

The Powerful Crown Micro CMU-1200va UPS Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) has more capacity to meet your bigger load requirement.

With the Crown Micro  CMU-1200va UPS, you are looking at backup time of over half an hour – enough time to tidy up your work and get it saved up.
The crown micro 1200va UPS which is a 1200va UPS, provides a power output rating of 720 watts, capable of supporting a set of office devices or some home appliances.

With the Crown Micro CMU-1200va UPS, you can be sure of power backup for the supported equipment, ensuring your work is protected in the event of sudden power failure.
It also enables you switch to alternative power supply, without sudden disruption.

The Crown Micro  CMU-1200va UPS is suitable for use with computers, workstations, printers and other equipment within its capacity.

At home, It can support your televisions, music system, decoder, PCs, internet modem.



UPS type Off-Line
Form factor Tower

Input parameters:

Power 480 VA
Current frequency (50/60)±1Hz (Frequency self-adapt system)

Output parameters:

Output voltage 220 / 230V ± 10%
Form voltage Stepped approximation to a sinewave
Current frequency 50/60 Hz ± 1%
Switching time 2-4 ms, including the determination of the time
Automatic voltage regulation (AVR) 1 step down, two steps up

Protection and UPS equipment:

Surge Protection Yes
Overloads protectio 110% < Load percentage <120%, buzze beeps; load percentage >120%. output shuts off, buzzer beeps continuosly
Protection for UPS input Fuse for overload protection and short circuit protection
UPS protection for short circuit Immediate shutdown of the UPS using the input fuse
Protect the phone, fax, modem, LAN No



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