The average Nigerian’s purchasing power is steadily declining due to the rising costs of household goods, technology, and other devices. So it is reasonable to think about alternate, more convenient ways to pay for these things. Over the past few years, end consumers and retailers in Nigeria have adopted the Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) model at a reasonably high rate.

Users can purchase things and pay for them in installments using the Buy Now Pay Later service, as the name suggests. These payments often come in monthly installments, which might range in length from two to twelve months. Users will have a more comfortable payment option thanks to this, and merchants will see an increase in sales as a result.

Westgate Technologies is pleased to announce its latest innovation Buy now Pay later, a payment method that is friendly and easier for our customers. We care for our customers’ needs as this Buy now Pay later plan is certain to make our customers happy.

This plan was introduced due to the unsteady increasing prices and with Pay with Specta, customers can pay in instalment plans with ease.

What is Pay with Specta (Buy Now Pay Later)?

This is a lending platform owned by Sterling bank which allows Customers to pay for goods in instalment, while Merchants are credited instantly; thereby helping businesses increase sales.

Let us say Ike has a good credit point with his bank and is qualified for Pay with Specta, he can be given a shopping loan which he can choose to pay within the months. Ike can use it to shop online or offline in any shop such as Westgate Technologies which uses Pay with Specta.

Below is how you can register with Pay with Specta:

Pay with Specta Requirements

  • An email address
  • BVN
  • An Active Bank Account
  • An active ATM card (Same with the preferred Bank account and active for online transaction)
  • An online Bank Statement (past 6 months which would be generated during onboarding)
  • A valid means of ID soft copy (NIN, Voter’s card, Driver’s license) saved on your device.
  • A passport (Soft copy) saved on your device.
  • A signature (soft copy) saved on your device.

Onboarding Process: Stage 1

Log-in to

Click on the sign-up button

Fill in the following boxes: (First name, Last name, Password, Email address, BVN, Phone Number, Date of Birth)

A verification mail will be sent to the email address used to register

Verify your email with an OTP that would be sent to your phone; thereafter create a password.

Stage 2

Go back to and login with your email and password.

Next: Get your spending Limit

Next: Fill in Personal Information

Next: Fill in Bank Information

Next: Request for 6 months Bank Statement

(GT and Zenith Bank customers have to get their Bank Statement in the form of a unique ID, using their Bank App)

Other Bank customers can proceed by selecting their Bank, and filling their Bank account number.

Stage 3

A unique ID would be sent to their mobile number. The unique ID would be filled in the box.

Next: If the customer’s Bank Statement is certified okay by Pay with Specta a spending limit will be approved, otherwise, it would be rejected.

Next: If approved, customers would require a Digital Sterling Bank Account to proceed, for customers that have a Sterling Bank, they do not need to open this Digital Account.

Next: To open a sterling Digital Account, the customer must provide a soft copy of the following:

A valid means of ID, a Passport, Signature, and a Utility Bill.

Next: Select preferred Branch (For customer’s in Lagos, kindly select “Head Office”)

Next: Fill in your name (as it appears on your BVN) and your new Sterling Bank Digital account number.

Stage 4

Select the ATM card of the Bank used to generate your Bank statement. Note: Kindly ensure that your Bank ATM card has at least 12 months validity before its expiry date.

Next: Once your ATM card is approved, a N10 transaction fee would be deducted, confirming that the card is active.

Next: Login to your profile and copy your Pay with Specta unique ID.

Next: Use your Pay with Specta ID to purchase your desired product, within your approved spending limit budget In-store, or On-line

I know one of the burning questions on your mind right now is whether you should take the buy now, pay later route( Pay with Specta). This is entirely dependent on your specific situation and varies from person to person. You should think about buying now and paying later if:

  • You require a specific item but do not have the full amount on hand.
  • You are willing to pay interest or a slightly higher price for the product.
  • The rate of inflation is high, and the likelihood of item price increases is very high.

If you fall into any of the above categories, you should seriously consider the buy now, pay later model in Nigeria (Pay with Specta).

The buy now Pay later plan (Pay with Specta) is available across all Westgate Technologies stores nationwide and online. It very easy, fast to use.

Westgate Technologies will always look for ways to make our customers comfortable, happy with good prices which are budget friendly.

Why not visit us today across stores or online to see incredible gadgets with good prices made for you in mind.

If you have any question about this buy now pay later model (Pay with Specta), Let us know in the comment section.