Blue Gate 653VA UPS Elite Pro Plastic


Blue Gate 653VA UPS Elite Pro Plastic


BLUE GATE 653VA UPS Elite Pro Plastic:

BlueGate UPS Elite Pro Plastic – BG653VA is a standard Offline UPS that can keep your light for a long time. is where the mains supply is rectified to a clean DC voltage and rebuilt into a very clean and regulated AC voltage, at all times your critical load runs from this clean no break supply. Line-Interactive and Off-Line UPS’s are single conversions, put in its crudest form your computer runs on semi-regulated mains and will always suffer a small break in supply whilst the UPS moves from mains mode to battery mode in mains fail situation.

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  • Line interactive design
  • Fully digitized microprocessor controlled
  • SMD technology
  • Wide input voltage and frequency window
  • Boost and buck AVR
  • Three (3) LED indication for easy understanding
  • Lightening and surge protection
  • Short circuit and overload protection
  • Energy saving function with UPS green mode
  • Automatically charging in UPS off mode
  • Automatically self-detection when start-up
  • Auto restart while AC recovery
  • Compatible with generators
  • Intelligent battery management
  • RJ45, USB (optional)
  • Model: BG650
  • Output Power: 390
  • Imput Voltage: 150V – 270V
  • Input Frequency: 48Hz-60Hz
  • Output Voltage: 220V±10%
  • Waveform: PWM Square Wave
  • Low Battery Automatic cutoff & Automatic restart: Yes
  • Back-up Time-fully charged Full load (min): 15
  • Back-up Time-fully charged Half load (min): 30
  • Configuration: 12V/7AH


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