Crown CMBH-9300 Bluetooth Headphone


Crown CMBH-9300 Bluetooth Headphone

Headphones support the multipoint – can simultaneously connect two devices on the Bluetooth ( listen to music from a laptop and receive phone calls);
Have thick ear cushions practically do not let the outside noise;
When charging the headphones can be used in Bluetooth mode, and via cable;
Complete cover for the lock;
Microphone sensitivity is high, the source heard clearly even on a busy street.

Crown CMBH-9300 Bluetooth Headphone



Bluetoth 4.0; NFC connection with one touch;
Opening hours of talk / music 40h;
Opening hours of standby time 100 hours;
Coupled microphone system CVC;
The range of 10m;
Weight 240g.


Product Packaging

Headphones are packed in the original cardboard box in the corporate style companies Criwn Micro magnetic locks. On the box are the main characteristics.

Inside the earphones in the folded state in a case shut. Headphone manual, warranty card , cable Usb-microUsb charging . Basic color black with metal accents and blue edging ambroshyur and cable Jack 3.5-Jack 3.5 for direct connection of devices.



Basic color black with metal accents and blue edging ambroshyur . The rim is made of glossy plastic , inside a soft silicone substrate . The size of the rim and is suitable for small and large head . For me, the problem of full-size pick the ears with a comfortable rim , it is often narrow and make it a great burden on his head . Increases the size of the guides made ​​of metal and can be folded in place of articulation to the rim , for compact carrying. Separately, on the silicon substrate – such material does not wear a long time and does not deteriorate , in contrast to the popular kozh.zamovyh inserts. The substrate is soft, does not feel the weight of the headphones . Outside panel of speakers also made ​​of glossy black plastic ( in my opinion not a very good solution, he can stay Marco and scratches).



Speakers on movable joints , soft ear cushions from kozh.zama (not rustling ! ) The size of 6×8 cm . Completely cover the ear , ambient sounds almost unheard of . On the left side suffered logo CROWN, inside the housing as is the battery . On the right outside of the control buttons spaced at the corners, and charging port connector Jack 3.5, microphone.
On the whole, thoughtful design , the headphones sit comfortably on the head and neck , when carrying . Very convenient toggle key . Since they are carried on different angles , switch tracks and control the volume in the blind easily. Collected quality headphones , without gaps, metal rails provide the necessary strength (folding locks are made on the inside of metal rings , high wear resistance ).



Headphones are connected without any problems. If your smartphone has a sufficiently bring NFC included headphones (panels with buttons) to the phone, and pairing is established automatically (tested on Samsung s3). For Notebook HP (win 8) also connected without any problems. To force the pairing when the need to hold the center button (start, pause, Up) for 3 seconds until the LED blinks. Headphones support the multipoint – can simultaneously connect two devices on the Bluetooth (listen to music from a laptop and receive telephone calls). When you turn on , or turn off pairing goes on angliyskom.Kachestvo audible sound at an altitude ( have experience in the use of headsets from Jabra, Sony, Chinese NN) deep low frequencies , clean medium, high bit dryly , with the equalizer easily adjusted . No extraneous noise , pereschёlkivany that sin Chinese NN.
Ear cups thick, external noise almost inaudible. The signal is caught confidently , certainly there have been cases when the track was interrupted – Smart was in the backpack . Very pleased with the work , I lasted 36.5 hours of continuous music playback . These indicators can boast headset on AAA batteries. Just when you are charging the headphones can be used in Bluetooth mode , and via cable. Microphone sensitivity is high, there is a microphone coupled with patented signal processing . Interlocutor hears clearly , even on a busy street.
Iphone users are lucky , when you connect a smart display shows the battery status of the headset. It is possible the utility can be found on Android.


Bluetooth headset CMBH- 9300 is assembled reliably , of durable materials . HI-tech ergonomic design with comfortable use and user-friendly controls . Implemented quality of the sound on the Bluetooth ( fully comparable with the ” wired ” sound ) . In addition to the core set of functions , additional function multipoint, battery status , wired connection . Very long time music playback , in a similar price range of these indicators have not yet met. By “gifts” or “for itself” CMBH- 9300 headphones are fit ! )



Form Factor

Indoor wireless



Diameter Speakers

40 mm







Working distance



In Bluetooth mode


1 x 42 dB ± 3 dB ( main) , 1 x 45 dB ± 3 dB ( GSP th)

Frequency Range

20Hz – 20kHz

The music playback

36 hours

In standby mode,

100 hours


In operation of the cable



Frequency Range

20 Hz – 20,000 Hz

Rated Power


Maximum Power Output

*** mW




Jack 3.5mm stereo


1.3 m




Lithium 300mAh;

Charging time

2.5 hours.


Physical Parameters








In English


Carry bag


Gift Packing





Black & Silver


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