Crown Micro CMUX-650va Ups


Crown Micro CMUX-650va Ups

  • Capacity: 600VA/360W;
  • Metal case;
  • Dimension: 100×280×140mm;
  • AC Voltage regulation;
  • Short circuit, Surge Overload, and Battery overcharge protection;
  • Over-discharge protection;
  • Configuration: 12 V / 7.0 Ah × 1.


Crown Micro CMUX-650va Ups

An uninterruptible power supply enables you to work comfortably at your computer without fear of a sudden power failure during operation. You can safely shut down the PC, while keeping all data.

The model is designed to protect personal computers and workstations from the major problems with the power supply: high emissions of electromagnetic and radio frequency interference, slides, promotions, and extinction voltage sources.

A stylish, reliable, efficient – UPS CROWN – a guarantee of stability and durability of your equipment. Suitable for Personal Computers, Decoders, Sound system, Laptops.

NOTE: Do not plug heavy devices and machines into it. Always check for the rating of the device you want to use it with before connecting




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